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The term 'taping therapy' may be unfamiliar to many people. Some may even think it is a kind of pseudo-medicine. Indeed, it is
initially difficult to understand the concept of healing through an application of tape to the body.
Western medical doctors might have felt the same when introduced to acupuncture for the first time. However, acupuncture as a
supplementary treatment accompanying medical treatment is now accepted more widely in the West than in the East.
Scientific research has supported taping therapy as a useful means of treating internal diseases and problems in the
musculoskeletal system. It is an effective yet simple alternative to medical treatment which can be carried out by both medical
professionals and laymen alike. Unlike the conventional hand-applied acupuncture therapy for which all the acupoints must be
memorized, taping therapy is a medical science that merely requires an understanding of basic anatomy and physiology to
comprehend and utilize the principles of treatment. It is relatively easy to learn and apply in practical situations.
1. Ankle Sprain 13. Shoulder 1
2. Flat Foot 14. Shoulder 2
3. Hallux Valgus(Bunions) 15. Shoulder 3
4. Achilles Tendon 16. Neck & Shoulder 1
5. Wrist Sprain 17. Neck & Shoulder 2
6. Finger Sprain 18. Knee 1
7. Thumb 19. Knee 2
8. Termis Elbow 20. Knee 3
9. Golfer’s Elbow 21. Calf
10. Neck 1 22. Hip Joint
11. Neck 2 23. Lower Back Sprain 1
12. Neck 3 24. Lower Back Sprain 2
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