- 5cm x 5m (Plain tape)
- 5cm x 5m (pattern tape)
- 5cm x 32m
- Cross tapes
1.What does BB Kineisology tape do?
It allows you to play harder, perform longer and recover quicker.
2.What are the colour choices for the tape?
We have 13 solid colours; beige, black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, white, light blue, dark blue, nike green, yellow, grey, and 9 pattern colours: leopard, ribbon, zebra, black logo, red logo, beige logo, blue logo, black skull, red skull
3.How long will BBTAPE tape stay on?
BB TAPE can remain on for a couple of days, as it is water resistant, however we recommend that you keep it on for a maximum of 2~3 days. The length of time will vary depending on the area of application.
4.My TAPE application fell off after only a short time of wearing it. Why has this happened?
The 3 most common reasons that applications come off prematurely:
1. The practitioner or person who has applied the tape accidentally handled the adhesive when applying the product. The more you touch the tape the less sticky it becomes!
2. The tape was applied without properly preparing the skin (clean and dry thoroughly).
3. The tape was not “set” via rubbing the tape post-application to activate the adhesive, and/or the user did not wait approximately one (1) hour after application before engaging in physical activity or getting the tape wet.
5.How do I remove the tape?
Simple… pull the tape off in one sharp movement in the same direction as the hair
6.Should I shave before application?
Shaving before applying is not necessary, in fact we think that hair can actually help with the adhesion of our tape! However, if you prefer we recommend that you trim the hair down rather than a clean shave.
7.What will happen if I apply incorrectly?
Put simply; nothing. Fortunately if you don’t apply to the correct area, then the tape will have little or no affect so you won’t do any harm to yourself.
8.Can I apply the tape myself?
You certainly can. However, there are areas of the body, which may require some help though such as postural, lower back and shoulder, however we supply clear instructions to follow so anyone can do it.
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- 5cm x 5m (Plain tape)
- 5cm x 5m (pattern tape)
- 5cm x 32m
- Cross tapes
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